Car insurance renewal : here is what ICICI Lombard offers

Car insurance renewal has been started by almost many banks and other insurance companies now, and owing to the customer needs every insurance company goes for separate regulations over the renewal policy for the insurance. Now while there are not as many rules for renewal as there are for the actual adaptation of the policy, there are some which one must be acquainted with.  Renewal procedure is an easy task to get along once you know the exact procedure for the actual policy. One needs to know when exactly the renewal can be opted for, as in the insurance period cover the company considers for the damaged or deterioration of the car’s working.  Hence there might be additional charges and additional or reduced facilities for renewal.

With ICICI Lombard one can start the renewal process from 60 days ago of the expiry date, Otherwise if the expiry date has passed on, the official group of ICICI Lombard comes and checks the vehicle condition, Some paper work is also required to be done in this case. But the insurance will be awarded for the successful inspection of the vehicle. And all the originals paperwork would be required by the officials. Now this process out of the expiry is and cannot be online. What you can do online is to opt online for renewal and then just fill out some personal details and the basic information about your car insurance renewal on the online portal.

The online portal of the ICICI Lombard is an easy link once we know the required site address for ICICI Lombard. Type in the address bar and rest can be pretty self explanatory, The usual look of banks and Insurance companies website is little bulky and not very sorted, Only because there are numerous services and the policies and regulations to be followed by all the companies even on the website. ICICI Lombard is not an exception with bulky content over the website, once we get into the section of Motor insurance policies, You will see the page giving details about the motor insurance key highlights on the webpage. This is the page where you can get a quote for the insurance type you like. This window is on the right high, Just above this window there is a tab for renewal. If you just move the cursor over that tab, the drop down message window will appear asking for the ICICI Lombard policy number there. This policy could be health, motor or travel.

Such easy is the process for the renewal of the motor insurance at the ICICI Lombard online page. Once the details for insurance number are done, the page will navigate to the other details, and with just another 3 to for clicks the policy renewal confirmation will be done. The Policy renewal is quite easy if you know where to find the right tab in such a crowd appearing data on the website. ICICI Lombard car insurance offers almost the similar advantages just that some add on get cut and the charges apply as required.